Landscape architect and agronomist licensed from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (1982). Phd in Sciences Applied to the Environment, University of Aveiro (1992). Teresa has teached at the University for 30 years. Firstly at Instituto Superior de Agronomia and from 1987 at the University of Aveiro, teaching Regional and Urban planning. Between 2002 and 2004, Teresa has teached landscape architecture at the Sciences Faculty, University of Oporto. Currently she works as a landscape architecture consultant. She is a member of the Portuguese national council for the sustainable development and the environment, as well as a Portuguese expert at the permanent heritage UNESCO commission.



João Barreiros is a full Professor at the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon. He researches the processes of learning and controlling human movement, under the perspective of a long-life development, privileging the relationships between perception and action organization.
He is currently vice-rector of the University of Lisbon.

Isabel Loupa Ramos is an assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geo-resources at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, where she teaches since 2005 courses across a range of fields within the landscape and urban planning domain. She is trained as a Landscape Architect, holds a master in Human Geography and a PhD in Environmental Engineering. Her main research interests are focused at linking cultural and natural processes using scenario development and transdisciplinary approaches. Since 2000 she carries out her research activities at CESUR/CERIS where she has been involved in projects that value natural spaces and green infrastructure planning. She has focused her research on the integration of concepts as landscape preferences, perceptions, expectations towards the future and landscape identity into spatial planning notably in peri-urban landscapes.
Since 2009 she is Executive Committee Member of the European Chapter of Landscape Ecology (IALE-Europe).