A. This competition is open to all interested parties, irrespective of their background or age.

B. Individual or group registrations are permitted, regardless of whether or not there is any professional link between them.

C. Neither members of the organising committee for the competition nor those individuals responsible for planning the conference can participate. Likewise, direct family members of the jury are not permitted to participate.

D. Being a design competition concerned with issues of landscape and urban design, the competition committee encourages any person wishing to compete, and who does so with a multidisciplinary team, to have experience with at least one of the following disciplinary areas: landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, urban planning or planning.


A. Registrations can be made by completing the form provided (see Annex I) and sending it by email to with proof of payment of the registration fee of 20 euros before March 6, 2017. Bank transfers of the registration fee to the conference’s partner, Associação Portuguesa dos Arquitectos Paisagistas (APAP) are detailed below:




B. Within 48 hours, competitors will receive an email confirmation from the competition organising committee.

C. Registered competitors must submit entries digitally by uploading them to the link provided in the confirmation email. (See “Submission of Entries” below.)


A. Anonymity of the entries is compulsory and shall be guaranteed. Competitors should assign their digital files a six-digit alphanumeric code, with the use of three (3) numbers and three (3) uppercase letters and no sequential codes. For example, the code “123ABC” cannot be used, however file names, like the example below, can be used: LKA383_Panel01.jpeg

B. The competition organising committee will only be able to identify competitors by the association of the registration form with the chosen code. No text, signature, graphic or any other identifying features shall be placed within the digital files to allow the identification of the competitor(s), otherwise it will be excluded from the competition.


A. Entries shall be submitted digitally, in TIFF or JPEG format, with 300 dpi resolution and formatted for printing (see dimensions in the next point). (Note: Competitors should test the graphics and font sizes to see if they will be read correctly when printed).

B. Entries should be formatted using texts, drawings, and/or graphic representations at the indicated scales and types:

Panel 1 – A1 format in portrait position – General Plan to 1/2000 scale according to the formatting provided, with a summary text of a maximum of 250 words.

Panels 2 and 3 – A1 format in portrait position – Any additional drawings, photographs, graphic representation, text, or other element composed by the competitor(s) to best explain their entry.

C. All three (3) panels should include the competitor identification code (as defined in 3.A. above) in the upper right corner of all three (3) panels as indicated in the provided layout scheme.

D. The competition is international, so all entries must include text written in English.

E. Each panel should be saved as its own digital file and shall be no larger than 5 MB in size.

F. Competitors should upload their entries to the link provided in the confirmation email received after the registration.


The evaluation of the entries will take place in three phases.

A. Phase 1: The competition organising committee collates and distributes all competition entries to Jury members. Jury members then review all entries alone and separately from their peer members. This first evaluation results in the selection of the five (5) top-rated works, according to the evaluation criteria.

B. Phase 2: The competition organising committee creates a single document containing the top five (5) selected entries. Jury members will meet to evaluate the aforementioned document, choosing the winning proposal.

C. Phase 3: These five selected entries will be presented during the conference. A votation will be open to the attendees to select their favourite proposal during the course of the conference. Both the jury’s and the public’s selected choosen proposal will ne announced in the end of the conference.

Other notes:

I – The final evaluation phase (see “C” above) takes place even without the presence of all Jury members. In this session the Jury reserves the right to unanimously re-start work that was not included in the group of seven finalists.

II – The whole evaluation process is anonymous.

III – The Jury unanimously reserves the right not to select finalist works if it considers the quality of the submitted works does not fit the requirements and scope of this contest.


A. The criteria for evaluating the proposals by the Jury will be as follows:

I – Quality of the entry compared to the competition program and clear articulation of the “Landscape and Life” conference theme (50%)

II – Quality of the entry’s understanding of its relationship with the city and locality (30%)

III – Technical and financial feasibility of the entry (20%)


A. It is the responsibility of the competition organizing committee to choose the venues, criteria and operations for organizing and publicizing the competition.

B. The competition organizing committee does not accept any additional responsibility beyond those that are explicitly assumed in this regulation, directly or indirectly resulting from this competition.

C. By accepting the competition, the competitor accepts the contents of this regulation in full and accepts the disclosure of her/ their work, in part or in full, without any compensation being due to the competitor(s), in particular by authors’ rights.

D. The competitor(s), as the author(s) of the work, maintain(s) the intellectual property of her/their project as well as the responsibility for its contents.

E. The cases omitted in this regulation are resolved by the competition organizing committee, with the support of the jury and “Landscape and Life” conference committee.

F. All contacts must be made trough the competition organizing committee email